Corporate Lunch Boxes

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*Box of sandwiches (mix including vegetarian) 44 points $50



WRAPS / BAGUETTES   $8 each (minimum of 6)

                  *8 wraps per box – cut into quarters $64

                  *4" baguettes (min of 6) $6 each / 6" baguettes (min of 6) $8 each


MINI ROLLS (seeded buttermilk bun) $6 each

i)roast chicken, tasty cheese, avocado, salad greens & housemade mayo

ii)B.L.T., bacon, lettuce, tomato & housemade aioli

iii)tuna, spring onion, corn and cream cheese mix with salad & greens

                  iv)egg, housemade mayo & salad

                  v)cheese, housemade mayo & salad

                  vi)Ham/Chicken/, housemade mayo & salad

                  vii)Roast vegetables, pesto, housemade mayo


INDIVIDUAL SALAD BOWLS - small 12oz bowl, large 24oz bowl

                  *Quinoa, roast vegetable & feta   sml $8 lge $15

                  *Pasta with pesto, sundried tomato & feta sml $6 lge $10

                  *Pasta with smoked chicken, spring onions & feta sml $7 lge $12

                  *Hokkien Noodle with veg & slow cooked lamb sml $8 lge $15

                  *Green Salad with cherry tomatos, capsicum, cucumber, grated carrot, spanish onion, feta $5 lge $10



                  *Vegetarian or Lamb with rice noodles, capsicum, cucumber, carrot, red onion, spinach

                                    VEG $3 each / Slowcooked lamb or Chicken $3.50 each




                  *Mix of housemade sweet treats including caramel slice, brownies, lemon tarts, GF Hedgehog, fruit (grapes & strawberries) – approx. 50 bite sized pieces $55