Christmas grazing menu

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*Honey glazed ham on the bone                   market prices (currently $28/kg)

*Easycut ham (deboned)                               market prices (currently $26/kg)

*Cooked King Australian prawns                market prices (currently $40-50/kg)

*Smoked Salmon – min 500gm                    $60/kg

*Fresh shucked oysters (to order)                $25/doz

*Slow cooked lamb shoulder with lemon, garlic, olive oil   serves @10     $80

*Shredded roast chicken breast                                            serves @10      $45

*Pumpkin,Chickpea & Vegetable Curry       (vegan)            serves @8-10   $60



*Roast garlic & rosemary potatos / Creamy mash potato  $4 per person (min 6)

*Stirfried seasonal vegetables (zucchini, onion, mushroom, capsicum and more)

$5 per person (min 6)

*Baked Pumpkin, spiced chickpeas & merediths goats cheese

serves @10                              $45

*Green beans & grilled broccolini with garlic butter           serves @8-10               $35

*Housemade Tomato Relish (1000ml container)                                        $15


*Dinner rolls (white or multigrain) with butter $1.50 each


SALADS (served in a glass bowl that is to be returned to Offshore Catering)

*Quinoa, roast vegetable & feta                   serves @10-15                          $55

*Roquet, roast beetroot, quinoa, marinated goats cheese & pomegranate           $55

*Pearl cous cous, with grilled broccolini, sundried tomatos, pumpkin,

capers                                                                                                             $45

*Traditional Potato Salad (with egg & bacon) serves @10-15                                 $45

*Classic Green Salad                                                                                      $25

*Roasted Vegetables & morrocan spiced chickpea salad                            $55

*Traditional Coleslaw                                                                                                $25

*Pasta Salad   i) with smoked chicken, sundried tomato, feta & spring onions $35

                        ii) with pesto, sundried tomato & feta                                 $35

*Roquet with grilled peaches, honey’d walnuts, crumbled parmesan       $55

*Traditional Greek salad with continental cucumbers, tomato, Spanish onion & feta                                                                                                                $35

*Hokkien crispy noodle & vegetable                                                                        $45

                        add thai marinated beef / slow cooked lamb shoulder      $55


Sweet treats

*Pavlova with fresh cream & seasonal berries

*Housemade plum pudding

*Brandy snaps (filled with cream)