Canapes Option A

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Option A $1.10- $1.80 piece

Crispy proscuito & cherry tomato quiche


Homemade pumpkin & ricotta rolls V


Spinach & Ricotta filo’s (veg)                                                                       

Thai Beef filo’s                                                                                                                                                      

Meatballs    (reg beef)                                                                                       

Homemade Sausage Rolls                                                                                

Homemade Pumpkin & ricotta rolls                                                               

Mini Quiches (veg options)                                                                                          

Mini Tartlets (med. Size) (veg options)                                                                     

Mini Curried Vegetable Pasties (veg)                      

Bruschetta- (COLD)

*garlic toasted sourdough with grilled mushrooms & merediths goats cheese (veg)     

*garlic toasted sourdough with fresh tomato, basil leaves and spanish onion (vegan) 

Cucumber slices with pesto and cherry tomato (veg/GF)         (COLD)                                 

Grilled mushrooms with a herbed cream cheese (veg/GF)       (x2)                                        

Grilled mushrooms with a herbed quinoa mix (vegan/paleo/GF) (x2)